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What are cookies
The website uses cookies, namely "small text files" – formed of letters and numbers – "which the websites visited by the user send to their computer (normally to the browser), where they are stored to then be re-transmitted to the same websites upon the next visit by the same user". Cookies have the function of streamlining the analysis of web traffic, reporting when a specific website or part thereof is visited, distinguishing between visitors so as to provide personalised content and help administrators to improve the website and the navigation experience of such users.

  What types of cookies do we use?
Each cookie contains different data (e.g. the name of the server from which it originates, a numeric identifier, etc.). Such data can remain in the user's devices for various periods of time. In particular, Srl uses both the so-called "persistent cookies" (i.e. cookies which stay in the memory until they are manually deleted by the user or for which a long term scheduled removal is envisaged) and the so-called "session cookies" (i.e. cookies which are not stored in a persistent manner on the visitor's computer and disappear when the browser is closed). Srl uses different types of cookies, which can be classified as follows:
- Technical session, navigation and consent cookies: this category of cookies is exclusively used for the correct function and a better functionality of the website. Their function does not require consent from the user, inasmuch as necessary for the website to function. Indeed, any deactivation could jeopardise the function thereof.
- Technical session cookies: these are for remembering the user's choices (e.g. language, provision of consent, etc.). Without recourse to such cookies some operations could not be completed or would be more complex and/or less safe. Therefore this type of cookie is essential.

In order to change the methods of using cookies, to block the receipt thereof or even delete cookies present on their computer, users must change the settings in their browser.
Most browsers envisage the possibility to accept or refuse all the cookies or only accept some of them (for example originating from specific sites). We specify that by disabling technical cookies, the site or some of its functions might not operate correctly.
The methods for setting up cookies vary for each browser. Specific information about this is available in the following links:

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Additional information about cookies is available on the website of the Supervisory Authority:

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